Mr. Joseph Kalema

Mr. Joseph Kalema

College Human Resource Officer, CoNAS

Mr. Kalema Joseph was appointed as a College Human Resources Officer in June 2014 and posted to College of Business and Management Sciences. After nine Months, I was transferred to Performance Division on 1st of March 2015 where I has been working to-date. Currently I am acting as a Senior Performance Officer in the Division.

Mr. Kalema Joseph graduated with a Bachelor’ Degree in Social and Philosophy and a Masters Degree in Religious and Theological studies both from Makerere University. I also have a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and a master’s Degree in Management studies majoring in Human Resources with a litany of certificates in various disciplines including guidance and counseling.

I have worked with a number of organizations and among others; I have worked with Business Synergies Public and Private Management Consultants where I was charged with coming up with policies and reviewing existing policies and ensuring that systems are operational and coming up with strategies to safeguard the policies through the structures and hierarchies of reporting of  various Organization; Gwabali Consultancy firm in Partnership with ESAFF Uganda and Uganda Network for Empowerment of the Marginalized Child and Youth (Nemacy-Uganda).

I treasure integrity, self respect above all professional execution of the mandate conferred to me as stipulated in my duties without fear or favor and to safe guard existing policies in a bid to create a healthy working and favorable working environment for all staff and University Management.