Historical Background

The Directorate of Human Resources was established as a result of a restructuring exercise. The exercise which started in October 2000 was conducted by consultants from the Ministry of Public Service for a period of six months. It was sponsored by the World Bank as part of the wider public service reform. It was a micro restructuring exercise following a macro outline study carried out by the Ministry of Public service in 1994 and involved several other public service sectors. The need for restructuring Makerere University arose from the rapid changes in student enrollment and academic programmes as well as its staffing needs and complexities. The focus of the restructuring was therefore placed on the departments of the University Secretary, Academic Registrar and Dean of Students. The objective was to rationalize the functions in these departments. The survey revealed that the human resource function was dispersed. Recruitment, personnel administration and welfare issues were under the Office of the University Secretary. Staff training and development was under the academic registrar’s department.

Payroll administration was under the Office of the University Bursar, while some aspects of personnel matters were directly under the Vice Chancellor. There was therefore a need for an integrated and dynamic human resource system in the University to be managed by human resource professionals.

The Consultants therefore strongly recommended the establishment of a human resource directorate in the University among other recommendations. The University Council at its 100th meeting held in December 2004, agreed that the Directorate be established, and be headed by a Human Resource Manager directly reporting to the Deputy Vice Chancellor-Finance and Administration.

On February 24th 2005, an Acting Human Resource Manager, Mr Sebastian M. Ngobi, was appointed by the University Management and on March 29th 2005, the directorate was officially inaugurated by the Chairperson of Council.